HR.com's Self-Paced eLearning Prep Course using HRCP Program (Print Edition)

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Price: $800.00
HR.com has been a leading provider of HRCI Prep Courses for several years, and consistently achieved a 93% exam pass rate among course participants. This self-paced eLearning course is specifically designed to successfully prepare you to pass your PHR or SPHR exam. The study material portion of this course qualifies for the "Your Pass or Your Money Back" guarantee, but the course portion is not inlcuded.
Why this course may be right for you:
1. Expert Instruction: All HR.com courses are designed by industry experts and certified instructors, and built upon our framework for success. Alongside HRCP, course content is updated every year to reflect the most recent exams. Included is a suggested course syllabus to provide structure and simplicity to your study plan.
2. Flexible Scheduling:   HR.com's eLearning Course can be accessed anytime, and anywhere you have internet access. This course is ideal for those who require more flexibility, and ease of access to course content while preparing for your exam.
3. Virtual Instructor Support: When you purchase HR.com's eLearning Prep Course, we match you up with one of our certified instructors. This instructor will be accessible to you should you have any questions about course content, or need any personal guidance/advice. 
This course includes:
  • 20+ hours of interactive, module based professional instruction 
  • Virtual Instructor Support
  • Complete HRCP Program for PHR/SPHR (Print Edition - Fall 2018)
                           > 5 Study Manuals
                           > 100s of FlashCards
                           > 800+ Practice Exam Questions