Unit 2: Talent Planning and Acquisition (2019 Edition)

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Unit 2 Talent Planning and Acquisition

Unit 2 Talent Planning and Acquisition covers one of five functional areas tested on the PHR/SPHR certification exams. This unit includes the following:

  • 152 pages of instructional material
  • three online practice exams
  • index and a list of key terms

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Unit 2 includes the following content:

Employment Discrimination

  • Civil Rights Acts
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance
  • Affirmative Action
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967) as Amended
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (2008)
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (1994)
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986) as Amended
  • Hiring Non-citizens: Visa Requirements


Human Resource Planning

  • Strategic Planning Model
  • Alignment Between Business and Human Resource Planning
  • Analysis of Present Employees
  • Forecasting Employment Needs
  • Implementing Human Resource Plans


Job Analysis, Description, and Specification

  • Job Analysis and Competency Modeling
  • Uses of Job Analysis and Competency Models
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Specifications
  • Building a Competency Model
  • Job Identification
  • Methods of Job Analysis



  • Employment Branding
  • Determining Recruitment Needs and Objectives
  • Internal Recruiting Sources
  • External Recruiting Sources
  • Evaluating Recruiting Effectiveness



  • Application Process
  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Guidelines in the use of Employee Selection Procedures
  • Application Forms
  • Interviewing
  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Background Investigations
  • Medical Examinations
  • Validation and Evaluation of a Selection Process
  • Applicant Notification
  • Negotiating Employee Agreements
  • Records Retition


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