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Preparing for HR certification? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are preparing for the PHR®, SPHR®, aPHR ™, PHRi ™, SPHRi ™, or PHRca®, we have the preparation materials you need. Our comprehensive study materials will help you get ready for your exam. The HRCP Program is available in both print and online editions. Our flash cards help you learn and review key terms and definitions, and our online practice exams simulate the exam environment and test your mastery of the HR body of knowledge.

Join the thousands of human resource professionals who have successfully prepared for HR certification using the HRCP Program since 1995.

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We're excited about our website's new look! The new website uses our new logo and incorporates an updated color scheme. It is also mobile-friendly for HR professionals on-the-go. We’ve also integrated the HR Certification Preparation Blog into our website, where it will be easier to access and simpler to manage. You will continue to access your digital content (practice exams and online books) by logging in and clicking on MY HRCP.
In addition to our study materials for the PHR®, SPHR®, PHRi™, and SPHRi™ exams, we have two new products available this year. The first is for the aPHR™ exam, and the second is for the the PHRca®. The aPHR™ is HRCI's new certification for HR associates. Our study materials for the aPHR™ exam are based on our very successful HRCP Program for the PHR® and SPHR® exams. The California HR certification exam (PHRca®) can now be taken without any previous certification, and these study materials, developed by Train Me Today, are excellent.