Customer Testimonials

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Since 1995 HRCP has helped thousands prepare for the Human Resource Certification exams. Here is what our customers are saying about the HRCP Program:

  • I passed the SPHR. I only had a month to study (I was trying to take it before the change). I honestly didn’t expect to pass it the first time. The materials were very thorough and I learned new ideas to implement at my organization. Thank you!  - Christina S.

  • I took my PHRi exam on 31st May 2018 and passed it on the first attempt. I used HRCP material as a main study source. I think that HRCP material is enough to pass the exam if you follow a good study plan.  - Zaheer A.

  • I used HRCP material and cleared SHRM-CP. It was pretty thorough; I highly recommend it!  - Nams D.

  • Excellent preparatory materials. I referenced them in 2012 for my PHR and 2018 for my SPHR, and passed first attempt both times!  - Roxanne B.

  • I just took the SPHR and passed!!! Thanks so much for the excellent learning system.  - Chelsea M.

  • I have been in HR for 16 years (or so) and I studied the HRCP information for 3 months, about 300 hours. I passed the exam and could not have done it without this material! The material is great and really helps you learn the concepts and I know because I didn’t receive 1 question that I practiced! It’s definitely worth it but you have put in the study time.  - Nikki P.

  • I took my PHR exam last Thursday, and am pleased (and relieved) to report, I passed. Your books and tests were instrumental tools and resources I needed to pass, that and lots of studying. Persistence pays off, but thank you all. Thank your for your exams and the books and flash cards.  - Lisa L.

  • I used the HRCP study material as my primary source of information and passed my SPHR Certification exam last week! The practice exams were very helpful! Good luck to all of you attempting the certification!  - Rajeshwari K.

  • I'm OVERJOYED to say that I took my SPHR exam today and PASSED on the first attempt! I was so relieved! HRCP's books and flashcards helped me tremendously, and I think I read through each book probably 3 times over the course of 5 months. Thanks HRCP! This has been on my bucket list since I was a college sophomore (about 8 years now) and it's finally become a reality!  - Ashley K.

  • Thank you to HRCP! Your materials helped me study and more confidently sit for my PHR! I passed & earned my credentials on May 12th! Yay!  - Heather E.

  • Good evening, I PASSED. Great learning system. Now I am Shrm-cp and PHR certified. I passed my PHR today!   - Barbara C.

  • I purchased the online HRCP prep materials (no books) to sit for the SPHR. I could not have been happier with my purchase. The content, practice exams, quizzes were all I needed to pass on the first try.  - Nicole B

  • Used this program and passed my SPHR exam today! The materials are top notch, you just have to put in the time to study. The practice tests were extremely helpful.  - Beth B

  • I would like to share my extreme gratitude for your test prep material. I took both the aPHR and PHR within 1 month of each other. Passed both with flying colors. Spent Sept-Dec studying, reading, doing the tests, making my poor husband quiz me, and felt very confident taking each test. I purchased two test preps, paid for the two tests, and insurance out of pocket. Worth every penny. I'm now able to charge more for my services. Very happy I chose HRCP as my provider of prep material.   - Whitney H.

  • HRCP is all that is needed! I read the material, did the online quizzes and of course coupled with practical experience I was able to succeed! Thank you again HRCP! I have recommended your course to a few people in my Country. I am teaching with pride.  - Francis J.

  • I used HRCP materials to help me prepare for my SPHR exam, which I passed. I had also previously used SHRM material for the PHR exam I passed in 2011. The material is the same quality as SHRM at a much more reasonable price. I highly recommend it! Keep in mind you still need to prepare for the test format itself so I also recommend taking an HRCI practice exam as well. It will also help clarify additional area(s) to study before your exam.  - Jenny C.

  • I did my PHRi exam yesterday and I passed. The exam was not difficult, and the questions were straightforward. For me all HRCP materials are clear and concise. I think it’s enough for passing the exam. I wish good luck to those who will take the exam.  - Isabel C.

  • Wanted to let you know I passed the aPHR exam. I used your study materials but also took a couple of HR night classes toward a certificate. I found your materials very helpful in passing the exam and will come back next year for your PHR materials.  - Lara E.

  • Just passed my PHR! Your materials were so helpful! I used the books, quizzes, practice tests, and flashcards along with a PHR prep app. Highly recommend!  - Ashley S.

  • I used HRCP as my main study guide for the PHR and passed the test! I recommend using publicly available information online to supplement your studying (especially practice tests! practice tests and questions are your BEST friend here). Give yourself at least 3 months and CONSTANTLY review! There is so much information to remember, it's easy to forget what you learned without consistently reviewing past topics. If you do that, you'll be fine! Good luck to all.  - John G.

  • I PASSED MY PHR!!!!!! SHRM-CP is up next on Wednesday. I couldn't have done it without your materials.  - Audra P.

  • HRCP works! I just passed the SPHR exam after following their 12 week study program. Thank you!   - Michael K.

  • I used the HRCP program and it was very easy to follow. They provide a set of review questions at the end of each chapter which is very useful. The tips are great as well. I thank HRCP for helping and guiding me to success in the SPHR exams. If you want an efficient, economical way to ensure success. I strongly recommend the HRCP program.  - Minette F.

  • I used the HRCP program for about 90% of my studying. I passed my PHR on my first try and would highly recommend this product as your main study resource.   - Blake T.

  • Passed my exam on Saturday! I am officially a PHR!  - Jen Z.

  • Just tested and passed my PHR Certification! Thank you!  - Angi D.

  • All the practice tests were a huge help for a lot of my friends in this field we worked together and it was a huge success!!!  - Annie A.

  • Thank you for the practice tests. I passed my PHR this past Saturday and I couldn't have done it without your help!  - Kimberly C.

  • I passed my PHR exam today!!! The HRCP program was integral in helping me to recognize the key concepts that were presented in the exam. I recommend it to anyone sitting for the exam.  - CJ W.

  • Passed my exam on Friday... first time as a specialist. I did not use the flashcards however, the book and online assessments were amazing resources. (BTW: I purchased other resources but never opened them) Thanks again HRCP!!!  - Donisha D.

  • Just passed my exam today! The HRCP flashcards and the tests were invaluable. Used the flashcards in conjunction with my other studying....would recommend them to anyone studying for the PHR/SPHR.  - Mindy B.

  • I used the 12 week self study example and passed on the first try!! The practice tests I believe helped the most prepare you for what you experience! So happy I chose HRCP as my preparation materials!  - Tana C.

  • Just passed my PHR exam. I found your practice exam I purchased to be invaluable .   - Garry O.

  • Thanks for providing great study materials. The books are great, the flashcards were a huge help. I passed my SPHR exam last week!  - Lauren L.

  • I wanted to take a moment and say thank you! I passed the SPHR exam in January on my first try using the HRCP study program. I followed the 8 week study plan ensuring that I stayed on schedule each week using all three components of the program which included the books, flash cards and test. My test results were higher than other passing candidates in all but one functional area. I selected the HRCP program based on overall value. It was significantly less expensive than other comprehensive study programs and it offered a money back guarantee! Thanks again!  - Steve T.

  • I just wanted to thank you for supporting me in the PHR certification process. Your material and tests were fantastic. I studied the material and took as many tests as I could. Last Friday I passed my PHR on the first try! Thanks again!   - Carol R.

  • I just wanted to let someone know at HRCP that I passed my PHR today!!! I am so happy, grateful and relieved!  - Amie G.

  • I have taken the test 6 times before taking it on January 5 and I have tried every method of studying. Due to the advice I received from a HRCP staff member and using the HRCP system and taking the tests over and over again to make sure I understood what I was studying, this helped me succeed. Certification is important. Never give up.  - Wayne M.

  • I wanted to let you know I passed the PHR exam last week and the books were excellent.  - Sara J.

  • Took the PHR on January 31st and passed. TIPS were very helpful in helping me prepare.  - Stella F.

  • I passed the PHR exam this morning. I primarily used your program to guide my studies. I know that your study materials were very instrumental in my successful result. Thank you for helping me!  - Toby T.

  • I am thrilled I cleared my PHR because of your material. Now trying my luck at SPHR :)  - Pooja B.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I just took the PHR exam yesterday and passed! the only study materials I used were your books and flashcards. Thank you for a great system and I will highly recommend it to everyone!!  - Sandra H.

  • The materials are great! Really aided in my prep and my ability to pass!  - Chorlana F.

  • You saved me tons of $$ and I passed the SPHR on my first try through self-study alone! Although my "study plan" was much more comprehensive than what I actually did, your product was obviously good enough to help me pass. All I did was read through the materials once, take 3.5 rounds of the practice exams, and run through the flashcards with my husband some evenings. The morning of, I pulled key concepts from the flashcards that are difficult to remember/apply and focused on them for an hour before the test, then I put all into the hands of the Lord. VOILA!!!! An SPHR now resides after my name!  - Kim K.