Sample HR Certification Study Schedules

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A study schedule is essential in preparing for the PHR and SPHR exams. Creating and sticking to a schedule is the best way to ensure you cover the entire HR Body of Knowledge prior to your scheduled exam. The following sample study schedules are based on the 2018 HRCP Program. You are welcome to use and adapt any of these study schedules to meet your needs. 


12-Week Study Schedule  

8-Week Study Schedule  

4-Week Study Schedule  


The following study tips may be helpful: 

  1. Read the materials thoroughly. 

  2. Highlight or underline key concepts. As you review the materials later, return to those parts you have marked. 

  3. Answer the Test Your Knowledge Questions at the end of each section. These questions focus on important points within the previous area and have been developed to help you evaluate your understanding and ability to apply those concepts. 

  4. As part of your review, study the HR Quik-Study Flash Cards or glossary terms. Knowing and understanding key HR terms and definitions will help you as you analyze the questions on the exam. 

  5. Once you have finished reading and reviewing each unit, answer the corresponding online review questions. 

  6. Evaluate your results. Figure out why you missed the questions you missed. Each question provides you with the correct answer, feedback on that particular topic, and the page number of where you can find the relevant topic in the HRCP Program. 

  7. Once you have studied all of the materials, take the online comprehensive practice exam and review the results. You will be given a breakdown of how you did in each area. Use the breakdown to identify those areas you should review again prior to sitting for the exam. 

  8. Get a good night's sleep prior to your exam.