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Everything You Need to Know About PHR Certification | HRCP
What is PHR certification? It stands for Professional in Human Resources. It’s a highly-regarded professional credential that shows you have a commitment to a high level of excellence in HR work, understand the most important HR concepts, and are ready for a raise, promotion, or role at a new company.

Define Your Human Resources Career Path | HRCP
As kids, we often share dreams of being an astronaut, a doctor, or maybe a lawyer. What did your parents dream of you being? They probably didn’t encourage you to get on a human resources career path.

How Long Should You Study For a Big Exam
We’re all busy. Whether you’re in school or already in the workforce, you don’t have several extra hours each day to study.

One of the first big decisions (following the obviously pivotal decision to take the HR certification exam in the first place) is the question of whether to join a study group or to prepare alone.

Testing opens for the HRCI certification exams in five weeks.
Testing opens for the HRCI certification exams in five weeks. We provide several free sample study schedules to fit your personal circumstances. You can choose between a four-week, an eight-week, and a twelve-week schedule. To access the study schedules, click on "PRODUCTS," then select "SAMPLE STUDY SCHEDULES." Best of luck on your exam!

HRCP Website: New Look!
We're excited about our website's new look! The new website uses our new logo and incorporates an updated color scheme. It is also mobile-friendly for HR professionals on-the-go. We’ve also integrated the HR Certification Preparation Blog into our website, where it will be easier to access and simpler to manage. You will continue to access your digital content (practice exams and online books) by logging in and clicking on MY HRCP.

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